What We Do

Identity Creation and Place-Making

The Fenway Alliance is a Creative Economy, Creative Cluster, Creative Workforce, and Creative Community, all of which are interconnected. The Fenway Cultural District is also an area in Boston that is uniquely rich in academic, cultural and natural treasures. The Fenway Alliance works diligently to market and brand this area so that visitors and residents can experience its riches, and to protect this unique cultural environment from forces – development and otherwise – that might impinge upon citizens’ access to the important academic, cultural and natural resources of this area.


The Fenway Alliance depends and prides itself upon its authentic working partnerships with numerous local community organizations, residents, local businesses and our larger corporate partners, all of whom help us realize a vision to improve our local community and the entire New England Region, and to achieve the specific goals in each area of our work.

Green Space

Urban institutions must find a balance between the built environment and access to a range of green spaces. Members of the Fenway Alliance recognize that the Muddy River Parkland, part of the magnificent Olmsted Emerald Necklace, serves as the front or back door entrance to many of our institutions. This riverway and parkland, as well as the smaller but important pocket parks, represent as much of the cultural legacy, heritage and treasures of the Fenway as do the myriad cultural and academic offerings.


The Fenway Alliance is a cultural, historical and institutional hub.   The entire New England Region benefits from direct access to this unique neighborhood. Boston was recently named by WalkScore.com as America’s third most “walkable” city. Recognizing that pedestrians, public transportation riders, and drivers all need convenient access to and through the Fenway Cultural District’s thickly settled group of institutions, the Fenway Alliance takes a multi-pronged approach toward improving transportation.


The Fenway Cultural District is a diverse neighborhood composed of families, students, institutional employees, and young professionals. Alliance academic members have taken very seriously the Mayor’s call to provide more on campus housing for our students. All of our academic institutions are in the midst of building more dormitories and on campus housing options. Engaging in diverse community development efforts allows the District to make available a wide range of housing types that meet the needs of our community. We are firmly committed to smart growth in our area.

Environmental Sustainability

Fenway Alliance institutions are committed to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In keeping with this mission, our environmentally sustainable efforts promote effective public transportation, recycling, energy conservation, green building, smart growth, preservation, and protecting our fragile ground water system. To date, many of the institutions are engaging in sustainability programs independently or in collaboration with other Fenway Alliance institutions. It is our expectation that several of theses initiatives will become Fenway Alliance-wide programs.