FCD’s Mission

Our Vision for the Fenway Cultural District is to provide a cultural environment that merges both the historical and contemporary elements of the Fenway, into a welcoming and creative experience for residents of the area, residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and national and international visitors. True to the visionary leadership and spirit of the historical icons who put our community on the map, we continuously innovate to create an urban space that provides creative experiences that are culturally relevant, aesthetically engaging, and contribute to the economic vitality of the District serving as a model for other cultural districts in the state, and across the nation. We work to create and sustain a vibrant cultural area in Boston that is rightfully perceived as a premier cultural destination in our state and across the United States. We succeed as a significant force in New England’s economy by supporting Fenway residents, students, institutions and local businesses that contribute to the region’s creative economy. Over the past 15 years, under the direction of The Fenway Alliance, the District has seen improvements in streetscapes, parklands, community programming, marketing and public access.

Our goal is to promote the Fenway Cultural District through:

Promotion of Culture and Arts

-Provide the largest day of free cultural experiences in Greater Boston: Opening Our Doors

-Create additional cultural programming through creative partnerships and through our Fenway Cultural District Committee

-Coordinate activities with members of the Fenway Alliance and the Fenway Cultural District Committee

-Provide opportunities for artists and institutions


-Create a highly respected brand by marketing and promoting our area as a cultural destination for local and national visitors.

-Build awareness of the Fenway Cultural District through traditional and emerging media

-Promote our academic and cultural institutions, and linking them to our cultural endeavors

Increasing Livability

-Increase the beauty and vitality of our District by creating an easily navigable area for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists with aesthetically appropriate way-finding and signage

-Encourage local business contributions for a vibrant urban space by working in collaboration with the Fenway Cultural District Committee to improve our major thoroughfares: Huntington Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue through streetscaping, cultural programming, public art, and enhancing the green spaces in the area

-Advocate linkages between the Emerald Necklace, built amenities, and cultural activities

-Promote greater access and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists throughout the District

-Promote greater access to Fenway’s cultural opportunities for a diversity of residents within the city