Sam Shames

Sam Shames is a senior at MIT studying materials science and engineering with a minor in energy studies. Originally from Newton, Massachusetts, Sam graduated from Newton North high school in 2010, where he became the first New England Champion wrestler in school history and was also an All-American. In 2013, Sam became the first undefeated National Champion in the 100 year history of MIT wrestling. Outside of wrestling, Sam enjoys project-based learning, playing his cello, reading, writing, and running.

Sam plans to spend his career helping others through teaching, research, entrepreneurship, and coaching wrestling. He is passionate about using materials science to help make the world more sustainable and improve the quality of life for all. Most recently, he has been applying that passion towards Wristify, a start-up company he co-founded whose mission is to reimagine personal comfort through wearable technology. His other passion is education, where he is interested in how best to combine teacher and technology to enable creative learning. In addition to working applying this passion as a teaching assistant at MIT, Sam has worked to develop new pedagogies and technologies and has given multiple presentations on the student perspective on technology-enabled education.