FCD’s Mission

Our Vision for the Fenway Cultural District is to provide a cultural environment that merges both the historical and contemporary elements of the Fenway, into a welcoming and creative experience for residents of the area, residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and national and international visitors. True to the visionary leadership and spirit of the historical icons within our community, we continuously innovate to create an urban space that provides creative experiences that are culturally relevant, aesthetically engaging, and contribute to the economic vitality of the District serving as a model for other cultural districts in the state, and across the nation. We work to support the residents, students, institutions and local businesses who contribute to the Fenway's creative economy.  


Our Goals:

1.) Sustain the Fenway Cultural District Brand

Promote the Fenway as an exciting destination

Host the largest day of free art in Boston—Opening Our Doors

Foster creative partnerships

Build media awareness of the F.C.D

Facilitate open access with the Fenway's institutions

Build bridges between Fenway's residents and institutions


2.) Increase the District's Beauty

Provide opportunities for artists

Ease navigation with way finding and signage

Encourage local businesses to participate in street scaping, cultural programming, and public art

Preserve and enhance green spaces, particularly in the Back Bay Fens and Riverway parks