Krentzman Quad Events 2017

360 Huntington Ave., Boston, Massachusetts 02115

locations and times subject to change as the festival date approaches
We will be following our rain plan. Please note any changes in location or time.

***In the event of rain, Krentzman events will be relocated inside the lobby of the YMCA on Huntington Ave.

Boston University Stage Troupe

Boston University Stage Troupe is BU’s oldest and largest performing arts group. They will be performing a number from their upcoming performance of the musical, Grease. Tickets for the full production, October 13-15 in the Boston University Tsai Performance Center, will be available for purchase.

NU Spinning Arts Workshop

Northeastern Spinning Arts Club is NU’s only flow arts-based student organization presence. In the last few years, several scientific studies have shown that entering what’s called the “Flow State” reduces stress and increases happiness. To flow – or enter the Flow State – is to be fully immersed in an enjoyable activity, your body and mind fully engaged with the present moment. “Flow Arts” is an umbrella term for a type of dance that involves object manipulation, such as hula hoop, poi, and staff. In this laid-back workshop we will be exploring different types of flow, introducing fundamental tricks and guiding you towards finding your own flow with the prop of your choice.

West Coast Swing Dance Workshop

Boston University West Coast Swing Club is a group of dancers dedicated to learning, teaching, and dancing West Coast Swing both socially and competitively. West Coast Swing is a partner dance that can be danced to styles of music ranging from Pop to Hip Hop to Country to Blues. Our workshop will cover some of the basic steps which will provide a foundation for delving into the world of this wonderful dance!

Bow Sim Mark Tai Chi Arts Association

The Bow Sim Mark Tai Chi Arts Association is one of Boston’s oldest Chinese martial arts schools. Grandmaster Mark’s students teach all over the USA, and her son, Donnie Yen (IP MAN, ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY), is the top kung fu actor in the world. The school’s repertoire includes tai chi, pakua, hsing yi, and wudang sword.

The Harry Potter Soundtrack Orchestra

Berklee’s Harry Potter Soundtrack Orchestra strives to promote and celebrate the soundtrack of the Harry Potter movies by creating new performances that will appeal to Harry Potter fans around Boston and the world. HPSO also serves as an educational tool and provides a space for Berklee students interested in arranging, performing and conducting music.

Kaliente and West Coast Swing


Visitors are invited to watch two contrasting University Dance Troupes perform their signature styles of dance:

    Kaliente is a Northeastern Latin Dance Group, performing the Latin dances of Salsa, Bachata and Merengue. Their members are a mix of cultural and ethnic backgrounds whom all love to dance caliente!
    BU West Coast Swing Club is a group of dedicated dancers focused on learning, teaching, and dancing West Coast Swing both socially and competitively. West Coast Swing is a partner dance that can be danced to styles of music ranging from Pop to Hip Hop to Country to Blues.

In Achord

Established in 1990, In Achord is Boston University’s oldest co-ed a cappella group. Singing an array of tunes from all different genres, they pride themselves on arrangements that seek to put a new twist on some great songs. The group is comprised of a diverse set of musicians from across the country, and the world. Look out for their latest released singles on Spotify & Apple Music!

The Charlie Chords

Based out of Berklee College of Music in Boston, the CharlieChords are an all-male a cappella group dedicated to putting a unique spin on a cappella music. Since we go to a school that is well known for focusing on contemporary music, we strive for a modern sound in our arrangements of diverse styles of music. In addition to competing and performing around Boston, we have an EP being released this fall. Check us out on Facebook!

All Day Events

BU Comic Arts Workshop

Boston University Comic Arts (BUCA) promotes comics as the bridge between written and illustrative arts to create a unique method of self-expression. As advocates for comic art, we provide education, guidance, and opportunities to support members as they develop their skills as creators. Our activities at the festival will include caricatures and a comic-making workshop to introduce participants to the various aspects behind comic-making.

En Plein Air Painting

Visitors are invited to watch as Fenway Studios artists bring paint to life.

Outdoor Photo Gallery

As a collaboration between Northeastern’s Tastemakers Magazine and Gallery 360, a series of prints will be on display outside on the Quad.

Gallery 360 Exhibitions

10:00am-7:00pm, at Northeastern’s Gallery 360, 360 Huntington Ave., Boston, Massachusetts 02115
As part of the Opening Our Doors Gallery Walk, visitors are invited to see three exhibitions: Poke Fun Play Fare, William Roxburgh, and Abstract Extraction. For more information, visit

Learn About Bamsfest

Visit the booth to learn more about Bamsfest 2017!

Blick Art Booth

All Day

Visit Blick’s booth for flyers and coupons!