Run Bimma

I’m the Social Media Manager for Saucony, Designer for Saucony Originals, and the creator of the idea Claim Your Journey. Saucony is the most engaged running brand on Social Media, Saucony Originals is one of the most sought after brands for sneaker collectors, and the Claim Your Journey idea is helping thousands of people in need of inspiration experience their own unique journey.

While working in Louisiana in 2011, I was unhappy with my life at just 24. I was uninspired and miserable at my job, but couldn’t leave because I needed the money to pay down my student loan debt. My solution was simple, yet life changing: to discover what I was passionate about and do that for a living, and encourage others to do the same. This simple vision turned into the foundation for the Claim Your Journey movement.

Over the course of two years, Claim Your Journey was successful enough in providing inspiration for people in need in Louisiana through Social Media and Running. But recognizing other vital needs during my recent relocation to the Greater Boston Area, I realized that the Claim Your Journey idea could be applied in more places than just Louisiana and running. So, I developed a lecture series that I share at universities and organizations teaching others how to claim their journey. I’ve also started designing footwear for the Saucony Originals line. Today, many people see shoes as just status symbols. Through my story, I want to use them as an everyday symbol on your feet to claim your journey.

From social media to lectures and now shoes, my unique idea has awarded me with numerous accolades. In 2011, I received the Baton Rouge Social Media Association 2011 Best Use of Social Media Award.  In 2012, I was named on Baton Rouge Business Report’s “40 Under 40” list. I was the youngest of the 2012 class. In 2014, HypeBeast magazine featured me in their essentials column showcasing one of my first designs for Saucony Originals.

Before passing away from colon cancer in December of 2011, my father told me ”we’re here for a limited time only, choose to be happy. If you can achieve a life you’re happy with, I’ll be proud. Claim It.” I chose to take my father’s advice to be happy and quit my first full time job out of college. I was miserable and only worked there for a paycheck. I wasn’t passionate about the work I was doing there. By choosing happiness as my top priority, I opened my life up to some incredible opportunities. Six months later, I was offered a position at Saucony as the Social Media Manager.

As an obsessive journey claimer, I’m passionate about inspiring and teaching others to experience their own unique journey. My hope is to see a future of more positive, happy individuals doing what they love for a living and encouraging others to do so as well.