Autumn Ahn

I use my body and physical materials to capture the irrational world of personal identity. By choreographing these experiences using space and time, I can render an image of humanity. 
Peripheral moments are symbols of the human ability to communicate, ultimately revealing the language of our bodies and how we relate to them. 
I look for the triggers of response in the anatomy of human curiosity. By exploring the boundaries of sensation where the mundane and unexpected coexist, I can isolate instinct and its associated emotions. 
When our emotional content has become quantified, what does it look like, sound like, feel like? As our perception of information becomes desensitized, I use performance, installation, painting, amongst other media to highlight the subtleties of these responses and their physical presence. 

Exhibiting her work regularly and internationally, Ahn recently returned to the US from her time in Paris to relocate her studio to NYC. She last showed at Art Basel Miami, 12.2013 as an invited artist-in-residence for the Ansonia Creative Project’s Pop-up Hotel gallery in the former Plymouth Hotel of Miami Beach. Ahn has received international press media and also contributes her work to various printed publications. She has been invited to speak at Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Montserrat College of Art, and teach as a visiting artist in various international programs. She has also been commissioned for custom design projects for fashion, events, venues, private homes, and publishing since 2008. She believes that maintaining a practice in both the fine art and commercial worlds is crucial in developing innovative work.

Ahn attended the Boston University, and received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art with a specialization in Oil Painting, Printmaking and Art History. She then attended Pilchuck Glass School to study with Einar & Jaimex de la Torres who are masters of unifying low brow and high brow materials. She was the festival coordinator for a bienniale of Digital Media Art, Boston Cyberarts Festival, managing its high-volume events and participants and became introduced to the experimental world of new technologies.