The Mary Baker Eddy Library in collaboration with Artists for Humanity, a Boston youth arts organization, created “Branch Out”, a public art piece currently on display in the lobby of the library. Branch Out is based on community outreach and partnership.  On the tree-like installation are birds perched on branches accompanied by neighboring bird houses demonstrating a network of community-service and educational organizations that have collaborated with the Library. Each bird represents an organization and how each fly out from their bird houses to serve the community.

Terms associated with the piece include caring, embrace, connection and growth to represent the inspiring missions and spirt of the organizations. The designers plan to expand the installations over time to reflect future stages.

Branch Out was designed and fabricated in the Artist for Humanity’s 3D studio. For more information about Artists for Humanity and how you can further their mission of providing opportunities for under-resourced youth through paid employment in art and design click here.

Branch out 1

branch out 2